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Meet your wedding planner, Emma


I’m often met with couples who are bamboozled with everything that’s required for a wedding before they’ve even got started.
So, to help calm the nerves and get you started on the right track I’ve composed a list of the common questions and anxieties we hear on a daily basis.

The wedding planner for your perfect wedding day

Are you looking for that dream wedding day you’ll remember for the rest of your lives? My name is Emma and I’m the wedding planner who can make it all happen for you.

Unlike many other wedding planners in the area I am a member of the International Event & Wedding Planning Professional (IEWP) and have completed their intensive 12 month, six-module course.

I have more than two years’ experience working for a well-established event catering company, and 5 years experience as a project manager prior to that. Catering for weddings & events has given me a huge insight into weddings and their planning. It has also meant I have built up some great relationships with a number of other professionals in all areas of wedding planning.

There is a benefit to a bride of using suppliers who work together regularly - many of the wedding service providers in my area are small cottage industries who provide a high quality of service.

My focus is on weddings, and in particular marquee wedding receptions. Many of my customers are brides who have very little idea about organising a big day and do not have the support behind them which dedicated venues would have. I also help brides who have busy careers and cannot afford the time to organise their wedding to the degree to which they’d want it done.

  • Where do I start?

    For most brides this is the first time they have organised any event of this size, whether it be 50 or 250 guests, and it is an overwhelming task for many. In addition, many couples haven’t actually talked about what sort of wedding they want!
    With the ‘Getting Started’ service I can begin the wedding plans by at least getting the couple to decide on where and when. There’s a great deal of pressure initially from the families as they all have their own views on the wedding day, but it is the couple’s day not the families. But if necessary we can work to finding the happy medium.
  • Should I have a schedule?

    Having a ‘time sheet’ which all the suppliers can work to is important to ensure smooth running on the day. Even the most informal weddings need to have structure, as guests and suppliers alike want to know where they need to be and when.
  • Will you take over my wedding?

    Of course not. It’s your wedding not mine. My job is to take the stress out of pulling it together and provide inspiration, ideas and supplier sourcing where it’s needed.
  • Do you handle problems on the day?

    Yes of course. Some venues don’t always have a management team to look after things. And there is nothing worse than a bride or groom, or in fact any of their parents, brothers/sisters or best man having to deal with problems while all they want to do is enjoy the day with their friends and family. Even small problems can be a pain, but we’ll sort it all out for you, don’t worry.
  • How long will it take to organise?

    Most weddings take around 250 to 300 hours to organise and that is just a rough estimate. Couples forget that work and life also have to happen around it. Everyone knows that when you work, the build-up to a holiday is bad enough, let alone doing all of the running around before the wedding. So in the week before the wedding, as a wedding planner, I can be your PA, confidante, taxi, babysitter and keep everyone sane by rationalising.
  • Will you control the budget?

    If I haven’t set the budget from the beginning, I can offer advice on how to economise if it looks like the budget will be exceeded. For instance, those lovely Molton Brown favours are £500 but there is only £200 left in the pot - only enough to pay for cheap department store own brand favours. Surely it would be better to have no favours and put the money to good use elsewhere rather than low quality keepsakes. Couples don’t have to thank their guests for coming - they’ve already done that by giving them a lovely meal, great entertainment and a fantastic day out with friends.
  • Can you save me money?

    In short, yes. What many couples don’t realise is that saving money isn’t always about getting the lowest price for everything, it’s often about avoiding costly errors and prioritising what’s most important to them on their day. I have a team around me who are reliable suppliers and I will be negotiating preferential prices from them as they regularly get work from me. I don’t take commission from any suppliers. Using my services will also help you to avoid possible costly errors as they appear. For instance, this could be paying a deposit on a venue which you then realise won’t allow you to have your dream firework display - but the deposit was non-refundable.
  • Can you help with family ‘complications!?’

    It’s sad watching couples have to go through family politics. I’m there to help the couple work through it and make everyone understand that it is their day, not their parents. Too many times I’ve had a bride say to me, "Well, I keep being told they’re paying for it so I should let them have what they want" in reference to the guest list, the menu, the location…everything! It’s finding the happy balance. Also with many parents being separated and possibly remarried, I can advise a couple on how to deal with sticky situations when it comes to who sits with who and where…
  • We want something really different - can you help?

    Some couples have every idea from every wedding magazine published in the year up to their wedding and want to throw everything into their ceremony! I can help them stick to a theme and find ways of making the wedding unique with the little touches. It’s always better to keep it simple and get it right, rather than go over the top and get it wrong.
  • My fiancé and I want to get married abroad - can you help?

    Yes initially, but I would normally direct you to one of the specialist companies that I know would achieve the best results for you. In these instances, couples often come back to me for advice on things they want to buy here and take abroad - wedding dresses, rings, favours and so on.

Hope this has answered all of your questions. If not and you have a different question, please contact me on 07732 285617 or email emma@high-times.co.uk You can also post to our Facebook page

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Don't waste mony on the stuff you don't need. Build your own wedding planning package to suit your own requirements.

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